There are 7 flavours in our everyday range, 2 in our Allergy range and 1 Scientifically formulated WELLBEING Diet. Each Flavour is available in 3kg pack containing 12 x 250g individually sealed patties.

Big Dog Fish Barf contains wild salmon and sardines. These fish species contain easily digestable and readily absorbed proteins (amino acids) and fatty acids like Omega 3.

Amino Acids help promote healthy growth and development of our cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones and every other body part.

Because vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A as well as some members of the vitamin B family, as well as essential minerals like zinc, phosphorus, calcium and selenium are found in these species, including it in your dogs diet will also assist with health of hair, skin and coat as well as nails.

This is a great diet that will promote that all round “shine” to your pet.

Big Dog BARF for Dogs - Fish

  • Some of the benefits of feeding a RAW BARF for Dogs Diet often include: Balanced Hormones and improved Behaviour: Due to Big Dog BARF’s hormone balancing properties; incontinence, urine and kidney problems can decrease. Big Dog BARF is a diet that is entirely free from artificial colourings and preservatives. As a result pets become calmer, more easily trained and exhibit less unpredictable and aggressive behaviour. Improved Reproductive Health and Orthopaedic conditions: When BARF has been fed over three or four generations there is a trend towards enhancing bitch health and fertility. This results in fewer assisted births, excellent milk production, and greater viability of offspring. Due to the normalising effect that the RAW Food diet has it will assist with proper bone development and growth, that may aid in reducing bone disorders such as hip and elbow dysplasia. BARF contains natural sources of calcium and phosphorus in a synergistic relationship that optimises the development of the skeletal system. Improved Skin, Coat and Lean Body Mass: A BARF fed pet has a healthier skin and coat and no more of that “doggy odour”. Persistent skin problems improve as a result of a diet high in omegas and FREE from preservatives. Pets also usually start losing unwanted fat and gain lean muscle mass; meaning your pet looks much better; and metabolic rate and activity levels increase, which leads to a longer lifespan. A strengthened Immune System: You know yourself when you are eating right your body functions much better, is more resistance to illness and disease. Our dogs are no different. The most common benefits when feeding Big Dog BARF include: Increase resistance to fleas, worms and internal parasites due to a diet containing essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9’s). A resistance to inflammatory conditions and infections meaning long term and persistent ear problems will diminish. Disappearance of dry eye syndrome. Disappearing Diabetes

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